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2037-12-31 11:59 pm
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...well. If you stumbled upon this journal, then welcome, and have a fun time looking at what I have.

I mostly post on my Tumblr now. Go find me there. This account is mostly backup, should anything go wrong.

Feel free to friend me if you wish; bar unforeseen circumstances, I'll likely friend you back.

I don't friend-lock entries; to me, that concept is just plain stupid. Any and all locked entries under this journal are restricted to me and only me, for personal reasons.

Icons are free for use.

I will never create a Facebook or Myspace account; do not ask me anything concerning those sites.
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2019-06-05 12:25 pm
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List of video game playthroughs (and links)

Just to keep it organized.

Chrono Trigger (SNES, 2008)
Final Fantasy I (GBA, 2008)
Final Fantasy VI (SNES, 2008)
Paper Mario (N64, 2011)
Pokémon Black (JP, Mono-Fighting) (DS, 2010-2011)
Pokémon Stadium (N64, started 2010, on hiatus)
Pokémon Stadium 2 (N64, started 2011)

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2019-01-31 11:11 am
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4chan threads archive

4chan has - for all intents and purposes - no restraints and rules. Which is why the most unbridled and hilarious opinions on any given subject can be found there; no mod is going to cut you down for forcefully voicing an opinion, profanity-laden or not, so people can post without fear of "official" reprisal (unless the mod is an asshole, but >(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) threads tend to generate near-universal "praise" for said mod, simply because a) it happens ridiculously rarely, b) it's amusing, and c) holy shit look at all the free reaction images).

So...this is an archive of 4chan threads I find amusing; that is to say, if it isn't on
4chanarchive.org, which it probably won't.

>Toasting in an epic bread )

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2011-06-10 11:51 am

DC reboot rant (not mine)

Reposting this rant  [livejournal.com profile] skitteringroach originally posted on Tumblr

I'm not going to bother with a cut, just read.

I was planning to make a picture that was more appropriate for but, a nice little hugging picture of Bart and Thad but, I apparently can’t draw that without making them look like they are necking or just awkward, and I really want to get this out. Plus, at the moment this one really encapsulates my feelings at DC, so I’m using it even though it’s not finished and was not meant for this.

I’m sorry I keep doing this, and I’ll try to make this my last bitch fit over this.

I know I’m going in circles with it and probably already said most of this, but I’m trying to be a bit calmer here. Trying being the key word.

I keep hearing people saying that the people who are angry at this are just mad because we can’t handle change. But that’s not the issue here. It’s not that Dc is just changing things. They are erasing things that are important to people, from Barbra’s time as Oracle, to Young Justice, and Dick and Damian’s time together. They are even erasing entire characters. People like Secret, Slobo, Anita, possibly Cassandra Cain, Colin Wilkes and Stephanie Brown. Maybe they don’t mean anything to DC or, the people who say we are just being complaining nerds, but obviously they meant something to us or else we would have never invested in them in the first place. By that I don’t mean simply monetary investment. We stuck with these characters, grew with these character, we were inspired by these characters. They will always be with us even when continuity erases them from DC history, even when they refuse to acknowledge that these people and the things they did ever existed. But that’s where the problem lies. While we’ll forever get to hear reimagining’s of the Teen Titans meeting up, and the many different versions of Bruce becoming Batman and teaming up with Dick and Barbra Gordon, we will probably never get that retelling of how Young Justice met up, or  get to see Dick and Damien start out as Batman and Robin. We will probably never get to see a cartoon or new comic where Damien hangs out with Collin, or that has Cass or Steph as Batgirl, or Barbra as Oracle. These things might just get lost to time, to only be found by the more curious of new comers, and the people who fell in love with them in the first place. They are catering to a new audience who may not care to come in just because you revamped the characters. All the while, alienating and punishing the people who have stayed with them (or at least that’s what it feeling like, even if it isn’t the intent). For many of us these comics are our only source of seeing our favorite characters, or our favorite renditions of them. I’m sorry if that comes off as selfish, but what was the point of these comics and characters if we weren’t meant to feel anything for them?

For me in particular, this means losing my favorite character to the re-boot. I know I’ve said over and over that I like the characters Bart and Thad equally, but when it comes right down to it, Bart isn’t the one I constantly use as an avatar. And as I’m going through my little grief tantrum Thad’s the one I keep accidently referring to as my favorite. So this is me finally admitting to it. There was a time when Bart was the one I related to more, but over the years I’ve come to realize I have a lot more in common with Thad. Because of certain aspects of my childhood, this character hit’s home with me in a deep, and sometimes painful way. I know the version of him I liked and related to died with the Impulse comics, and I hated seeing what happened with him, and it hurt when he died. But at the time, I had some hope, that maybe one day someone who did know him and cared about him, would pick up those shards of what was left after he died, and find a way to fix him. That maybe one day he would get to be a part of the family he wanted so bad, the same way I was eventually rescued by my own. I knew the chance of that was slim to none, but at least I had that one good story to look back on. 

When I heard that there was going to be a re-boot and that some of the characters weren’t going to make it, I knew he would be one of them. He’s too small and insignificant in the long run to be remembered in this. If he does show up it will probably be as that god awful Kid Zoom persona, and the one good time I hold on to so tightly will have never happened.

His and Bart’s first little story is one I know for a fact will never be mentioned or retold. It’s so miniscule compared to everything else. To Dc it doesn’t matter, or mean anything. But it will always mean something to me, and the fact that it’s going to be erased from the DC’s history all together, from Bart and Max’s history (if they even have history), hurts me more than his death or insanity ever did. Logic tells me it shouldn’t. There are so many worse things happening in the world to be upset over. In the end these people are only made up characters, created as a product to be sold to us. They are subject to change and deletion at the whim of their creators. They are not even really characters, but a brand. This re-boot is the perfect proof of that. I feel incredibly foolish for having even become this attached in the first place. I keep trying to remind myself of these things. To try to make myself become apathetic to it. To just not care, because that would be so much easier. Sometimes I manage to for a while but I can’t get it to stick. I keep jumping emotions. For a while it’s fun to poke at how ridicules this whole re-boot is, to cheer over the few victories (and that’s truly what they feel like) that pop up, like the Static comic, and the possibility that Lian Harper might be back to life because Roy has his arm back. But something else comes up to remind me of how much we are losing, and I’m back down the emotional slope. I try to numb myself to it, and turn my back on it, but no matter what I do it all comes down to the fact that can’t get myself to just not care, no matter how ridicules it seems, even to me. These story and characters became ingrained in my life and they mean a lot to me.

No matter what happens in this, I’m going to keep writing for Thad and drawing for him and Impulse, even if it does hurt me that he (and possibly even the Impulse version of Bart) will no longer have a place in cannon. I wish I could be defiant and claim that this will keep him alive, but I don’t know if that’s true.

I know this is a good bye long overdue because I’ve been trying to be optimistic, despite my better judgment, but none the less…

Good bye Thad.

You were my favorite.

As for me...I'm rejecting this reboot completely (and on second thought, everything post-Young Justice #55). I tried to deal with the insane shit DC's been pulling recently, but a line's been crossed and it's gone too far. Well, DC, you better hope those new readers can keep you afloat, because you're losing your old ones fast.
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2011-05-02 03:44 pm

re: Osama's death

I don't think I've seen the internet this up in arms since...ever.

No fucking way am I trudging through Twitter to find the first rumour tweet, there's got to be nearly a million today at the rate it's going.

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2011-04-15 03:50 pm

Encyclopedia Dramatica is...

http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Main_Page now redirects to http://ohinternet.com/Main_Page (shudder)

SFW? What? What the hell is this?


For all its controversial content, ED was always good for a laugh precisely because it refused to bow to the demands of the overly politically correct... when they started self-censoring themselves in January, I grew worried, but decided that since most of the site wasn't affected, it was simply a survival tactic.

But this? This is just ridiculous.

And it's far too late for April Fools, so don't count on that.


Actually, maybe I should, it's the only barely plausible option.
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2011-04-01 04:32 pm
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April Fools is not funny

There, I said it. I want to kick in the balls whoever invented this piece-of-shit "excuse" for a holiday. It's stupid and moronic and really needs to die.
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2011-03-13 04:01 am

Whoever translated Pokémon Black and White's dialogue...

...seriously needs to go out and hear how people actually talk.

Note, TPCi, people generally don’t talk in full words like “I will” and “I am”, contractions exist for a reason.

Now I see why people were complaining about the translation; sometimes the literal path isn’t the best to take. For all the stuff they ended up changing, the Treehouse-translated dialogue was vivid and lifelike, you could actually imagine people speaking like that, and they kept the innuendo in for the older players. Platinum’s translation was amazing.

TPCi-translated…well, it feels wooden and awkward.

Oh, Treehouse, how I miss you so…
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2011-03-01 03:22 pm

The Australian government is a fucking joke

Look around you. Censorship abound, everything being so stupidly expensive, paranoid politicians, loss of the once-famed egalitarianism...

How the fuck did Fundamentalists Family First gain support at all? Why is the Australian Crazy Lunaticlobby Christian Lobby able to influence the government, when they explicitly shouldn't?

Most importantly, why are we still taking this shit?

What happened, Australia? Was rat-faced sycophant Howard's reign of terror too much to bear and you just gave up?

*shakes head*

I don't know, I just don't know...

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2011-02-20 09:20 pm
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Australia weather notes

Metropolitan Sydney

Coastal Sydney (CBD, harbour, beaches) - oceanic (Cfb)
Inland Sydney (Greater West, etc.) - humid subtropical (Cfa)

Surrounding towns/cities
Katoomba - subtropical highland (Cfb)
Lithgow - oceanic (Cfb)
Wollongong - oceanic (Cfb)
Newcastle - humid subtropical (Cfa)

Snowy Mountains
Mount Kosciuszko - alpine?
Perisher Blue, Thredbo - subtropical highland (Cfb)
Charlotte Pass - alpine (ET/H)

Far North
Cairns - tropical monsoon (Am)
Townsville - tropical savanna (Aw)
Innisfail, Tully, Babinda (Cassowary Coast area) - tropical rainforest (Af)

Metropolitan Melbourne
Melbourne - oceanic (Cfb)

Australian Alps
Mount Buller - subtropical highland (Cfb)

ps. lol at the British complaining about their rain, Sydney's yearly average is higher (1100mm as opposed to 585mm for London; I live in the dry area and it still averages about 700mm)

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2011-02-18 12:13 am


(or why I totally fawn over Bart and Thad despite what DC wants us to think)

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4205893/1/Reset (1)
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5416767/1/Reset_Blackout (2)
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5927262/1/Reset_Gemini_Ascendant (3)

I ♥ you
[personal profile] randomality

please don't be dead fic :<

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2011-02-01 09:19 pm
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I knew all that cool weather last December was too good to last


I'm sleeping in the lounge room tonight, the air-con is too tempting

(just because I'm used to it, doesn't mean I like it)
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2011-01-27 09:30 am
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Wow, that worked well -_-

Dear Diary, today I learned something new: I should never play platformers on the HDTV in the lounge room ever again.

...it won't let me time double/triple jumping in Super Mario Sunshine ffs

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2011-01-22 02:53 pm






If I could somehow punch people through the internet, this is the very first one I'd do it to.
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2011-01-11 12:18 pm

Hey look, northern "superiority" again


America - 6th March
Europe - 4th March
Oceania - 10th March

Obviously this is a really short wait compared to DPPt - and the reason why I imported those - but seriously, that we lag behind yet again is proof of the North being bloody cockteases.

Oh, wait, it was the moronic politicians who can't admit the fact that most of us gamers are fucking adults who stalled it, wasn't it? Hmm?

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2011-01-06 11:08 am
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No. Shut up.


Honestly? At this point I'd be thrilled just to see Wallace.

I swear, I am going to fucking scream if I hear another Wally fan whine about how he's supposedly not appearing anywhere - hey dipshits, you already stole Young Justice from us Bart fans and turned it into Teen Titans version-God-knows-fucking-what, how about you be happy with that weekly bullshit?

I feel like punching something, seriously.

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2010-12-28 04:52 am

More Pokémon BW US names

originally posted to [info]pokemon , this is mostly a reminder for me

lol, link dump )
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2010-12-16 02:32 pm
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(western Sydney; if it hasn't hit the inner city yet, then it will soon)

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2010-12-15 05:52 pm
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Wikirebels - the Documentary


Looking at the Baghdad airstrike...I think I need to vomit (the music is not helping).

Fuck the US government. Fuck the US military. Fuck Adrian Lamo, the disgusting snitch. He should be thrown into jail, not Manning (the latter, by the way, is a hero, and should be treated as such).

Treason? Hah! Why should the government have the right to hide their power abuses? "National security" has got to be the most flung around excuse for their cover-ups since 9/11 - which, I suspect, is the catalyst for said cover-ups in the first place.

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2010-12-10 06:27 pm
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Wikileaks rally

Just came back from the Wikileaks rally in Sydney.

Feels good man.

"ANGRY GEEKS" cries one sign, "Julian, not Julia" said another.