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...seriously needs to go out and hear how people actually talk.

Note, TPCi, people generally don’t talk in full words like “I will” and “I am”, contractions exist for a reason.

Now I see why people were complaining about the translation; sometimes the literal path isn’t the best to take. For all the stuff they ended up changing, the Treehouse-translated dialogue was vivid and lifelike, you could actually imagine people speaking like that, and they kept the innuendo in for the older players. Platinum’s translation was amazing.

TPCi-translated…well, it feels wooden and awkward.

Oh, Treehouse, how I miss you so…
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originally posted to [info]pokemon , this is mostly a reminder for me

lol, link dump )
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tl;dr some guy on 2ch has Pokémon Black and posts info and a video; everyone freaks out.

/vp/ especially is running very high on emotion, and very pissed off that the ROM hasn't leaked yet.

(knowing my hideous luck, it'll leak when I go to bed or go to school tomorrow morning)

Looks like the Anglophone fandom just shot themselves in the foot, now the Japanese are refusing to leak the ROM because a bunch of assholes kept trolling the livestreams. GREAT JOB /vp/!!

>mfw Serebii is vindicated of everything ever

I don't think the fandom has been this worked up since late 2006 )

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tl;dr guy on 2ch posts apparent evos, Serebii says they might be real due to certain factors, OP says they're fake, everyone breathes sighs of relief, one of Serebii's contacts says "no, they actually are real", everyone floods the board with complaints, Pokébeach and some Spanish site decide to get in on the fun (and oh God that is so very wrong)

I'll say this: if these do turn out to be real, there are going to be so many people eating their words come the 18th...


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Reshiram/white colored/mascot for Black. Zekrom/black colored/mascot for White.

So yeah, they totally look like archangels or something. And their names sound like something that would make sense in Hebrew...

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True story.

Pokémon Black and White

Don't ask.

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First, one of the G5 Pokémon revealed last night (?) - Zorua, the Dark Fox.

Who was the brain-dead idiot on Bulbapedia who thought giving one particular user an entire monopoly on all G5-related articles was a good idea?

Oh, and someone on DeviantART already drew an anthro Zoroark. God, can I please just go one fucking page without seeing this furry bullshit?!


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