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An excerpt (and gods, I can never spell that right the first time) from Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, in which Mara - quite literally - skywalks.

There's really no other way to put it without my brain blanking out about halfway through, so...

"Air bubble"? Please, you're not fooling anyone. )
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The return of...WHAT?!

By the Force, you have got to be kidding...

As a fervent Luke/Mara shipper, I'll say only this; if this leads into a rekindling relationship, I am not going to be happy.
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A quick Ben Skywalker sketch I did during New Year's Eve celebrations.

If you live in Sydney and want to see the fireworks up close, then for god's sake, leave your homes early. AND LEAVE AS SOON AS THE FIREWORKS ARE OVER. Didn't get home until 4am...

Those circles in his hair? That was my fail attempt at drawing goggles. lol. And the cloak...okay, forget it, maybe later?

Oh well, at least the hair and face look good (which is my main problem with the current artists, actually). I played around with freckles on some earlier school doodles, but they wouldn't co-operate.

Nice smirk you have there, Skywalker...

I could rant about how bad the current pro-artists are at drawing him (crew-cut? What the hell, Denning?!), or the severe lack of good fanart (hey Japan, can we have those Legacy of the Force covers now?), but I'm tired right now.
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I've just realized how the release dates of a great many things that I'm waiting for fall on March.

Fate of the Jedi: Backlash - March 9
Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver (US) - March 14
Blackest Night #8 / Flash Secret Files - March 24 (for the most part, I've gotten over my little hissy fit over the "on hold" fiasco, but I'm still not glad...)

Well, well, well...this year is going to be interesting.


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